A new, single university-wide website, www.atsu.edu/atsmlib, that organizes and integrates the library’s broad and varied digital collections is now live. The new A.T. Still Memorial Library and its single website is part of the University’s move toward combining the two campuses into a single unified university structure.

“The new library website facilitates our users’ ability to easily access and make use of the best evidence available in support of clinical education and quality care,” said Mike Kronenfeld, university librarian.

The new website replaces the two previous library websites. KCOM faculty and staff will see the greatest change since the new website has been adapted from the Arizona library’s website. Locating the most frequently used and the most relevant resources for any ATSU program is facilitated by the new site.

Key changes include:

  • The site can be directly accessed at http://www.atsu.edu/atsmlib. The first time you access a specific resource you will be requested to authenticate. This authentication will hold for 60 minutes after the last resource has been accessed. This is true for both on-campus and off-campus access.
  • When accessing the website via the ATSU portal, no additional authentication will be required.
  • The old URLs (Internet addresses) for the University’s libraries will automatically redirect users to the new library website.

Take a few minutes to explore the new site and share any comments, suggestions, or questions with your library staff at libaz@atsu.edu (Arizona) or circ@atsu.edu (Missouri).