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A.T. Still Memorial Library: SAGE Research Methods feedback request

October 9, 2018
Posted In: Arizona Campus, ASDOH, ASHS, AT Still Library News, CGHS, KCOM, Missouri Campus, MOSDOH, SOMA

The A.T. Still Memorial Library is currently trialing SAGE Research Methods, a highly respected and widely used multidisciplinary collection of e-books, articles, videos, and other resources about quantitative and qualitative methods designed to be useful for researchers and academics at every level. See below for more information.

The library invites your feedback and input on this resource (trial period from Aug. 24-Oct. 31, 2018) in order to ensure that we make the best possible decisions about our collection and subscription. To provide feedback, please visit the feedback survey link.

What is it?
From the publisher: SAGE Research Methods contains information suited to all levels of researchers, from undergrads starting their first projects to the most senior faculty. Content includes dictionary and encyclopedia entries, book chapters, full books, journal articles, and the complete Quantitative Applications in the Social Sciences (Little Green Books), and Qualitative Research Methods series (Little Blue Books).”

The trial also includes access to additional modules: SAGE Research Methods cases collection, downloadable sample datasets from SAGE Research Methods datasets, and two streaming video modules from SAGE Research Methods video.

Find more information, view the SAGE Research Methods 2018 brochure.

What does it do?

This resource serves as a source of multidisciplinary full-text multi-user textbooks, references, articles, tutorials, and more for qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Use it at every step of a research project: for research design, method selection, literature review, data collection, data analysis, and writing for research and publication.

Find what where:

  • If you’re looking for: a quick explanation of a term or concept, try: dictionary or encyclopedia entry
  • If you’re looking for: in-depth coverage of a specific aspect of a method, try: whole books (Little Green and Little Blue Books can be especially useful for method overviews)
  • If you’re looking for: in-depth coverage of a specific aspect of a method, try: book chapters that hone in on that topic
  • If you’re looking for: actual examples of methods applied in real research contexts, try: journal articles or cases
  • If you’re looking for: sample datasets for hands-on practice or to use in assignments or exams, try: datasets 
  • If you’re looking for: methods in action, try: video

Who is it for? 

We are considering this resource as a tool for everyone: established faculty researchers, new faculty and staff researchers, students in classes, and students engaged in research.

If we subscribe to this resource, every member of the current ATSU community will be able to use it.

If A.T. Still University subscribes, what will we get?

The library is considering subscribing to the core SAGE Research Methods resource at this time, if there is sufficient positive feedback and use during the trial period. The library is also interested in finding out whether the additional modules are valuable to ATSU: Cases, Datasets, and Videos, as potential long-term goals to plan to acquire either now or at a later date.

Note: If we only subscribe to a portion of this resource, the other unsubscribed modules will be visible but marked as unsubscribed. This is similar to how several of our other resources function. 

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